A lake country

Between Champagne and Burgundy

Foot in the waters of the lake de la Vingeanne

The lake de la Vingeanne is part of the district of Langres and the 4 lakes. This vast expanse of 199 acres is much appreciated by birdwatchers who can admire bird migrations from a discovery path but also by families who enjoy its beaches, its water sports or also adventure tree climbing at 5 km from the domain. Besides, superb walks await nature lovers to the sources of the Marne and Aube or the natural reserve of Chalmessin. 

Just a few minutes from Langres and Dijon

Only a few kilometres from the domain of the Chalets de la Vingeanne, you may visit the lovely town of Langres whose walls dominate the south of the Champagne but also, further south, Dijon, the city of the Dukes of Burgundy with varnished roofs.