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Visits & Sightseeing At the gates of the National Forest Park, Langres region, Champagne

During your holiday in Champagne, you will have ample opportunity to explore the top tourist attractions in the Langres region.
The area’s rich heritage and outstanding natural sites are just waiting for you. According to your mood, decide where to head that day from your chalet in Longeau-Percey beside Lake Vingeanne.
The two history-packed towns of Langres, with its majestic ramparts, and Dijon, known as the city of the Dukes of Burgundy, are two must-visit cultural sites. You will be surprised by the remarkable sites nearby: Auberive Abbey, the Cohons hanging gardens, Vingeanne Gorge in the National Forest Park and Baissey Mill. For those seeking leisure activities and entertainment, the Saints-Geosmes tree adventure course and Chien à Plumes music festival will be a hit.
And don’t forget to explore the Langres region’s four lakes not far from your chalet, which offer hikes and a variety of activities to suit everyone.


Langres Most beautiful fortified town

Voted the most beautiful fortified town in France, it is also the biggest fortified town in Europe, with 8 km of ramparts.

You can explore this stunning site by foot, kick scooter, party bike or road train and in summer you can enjoy the entertainment of the yeomen.
12 towers, 7 gates and 3.5 km of rampart walks.

The Maison des Lumières (House of Lights) in Langres, the home town of Diderot, is the only museum in France dedicated to the philosopher and encyclopaedist.

Recently calssified "City of Arts and History", Langres boasts a unique heritage and will be a favourite with both young and old.

It "merits the detour"in the Michelin guidebook.

bateaux electriques

Vingeanne Electric boats

Head out on the lake aboard one of the five little eco-friendly, fun electric boats for a great time.
You can step aboard a 4 police or firefighter boat, trawler, or cruise ship 
Enjoy yourself exploring the lake’s fauna and flora while peacefully steering your boat.
Relax with friends and family, swayed by the gentle rocking of these funny little boats.
They are on the beach, have a touch with the base nautique

gorges de la vingeanne

Gorge De la Vingeanne

If you like being in nature on iconic trails in the National Forest Park, you will love the Vingeanne Gorge. This unique little canyon was carved out by water flowing over limestone.
Under the tree canopy, you will be thrilled by the fauna and flora in this area which is a ZNIEFF-listed zone due to its remarkable character.

Two botanical trails have been created: one for the gorge, marked with yellow arrows and suitable for the general public, and another for the marsh, marked with red arrows and suitable only for experts.

jardin vergentiere

Cohons hanging gardens And snail mounds

In 2018, the two remarkable gardens of Silières and Vergentière were added by the Cultural Mission Selection Committee to the list of 250 sites and monuments financially supported by the French Government for preservation and restoration.

The French-style Silières Garden was created in 1661 by Le Nôtre and the dry stone wall terraced Vergentière Garden dates back to just before the French Revolution.

This vast complex unlike any other in France is located in the small village of Cohons and also includes the stone snail mound park mapped out in 1808.
In July and August, you can enjoy music and artistic shows along with guided or independent night-time walks.

abbayed auberive

Auberive Abbey

This rich Cistercian abbey founded in 1135 suffered damage from wars over the years. It was used as a women’s prison in the 19th century and is now home to a museum of modern art.

In July and August, adults and children can participate in art workshops.

The chapel, cloister, fragrant rose garden, old fruit tree orchard and current art exhibition will surprise you with their juxtaposition.


Tree adventure course In Saints-Geosmes

Come grab hold of tree branches in this authentic setting at Sensation Nature Park and enjoy a thrilling time being adventurous.

The Pitchoun trail is for kids, the Passion for families, and those who are more energetic can try the Frisson, Xtrem or even AdrenalYn courses.

Perhaps you will be tempted to try Le Saut de Tarzan (Tarzan’s Leap) or the region’s hair-raising experience: the Quick Jump, a 16 m free fall jump.


Chien à Plumes Music festival

Every year for the past 20 years, the biggest little festival sets up its two stages for three days over the first weekend of August in the fresh air beside Lake Vingeanne.

Over 20,000 festival-goers come to enjoy music, French songs, rock, reggae, blues, jazz and many other styles of electronic music and world music.

Relaxation is the keyword for the spirit that reigns during those three days, with the good-natured atmosphere meaning that families and kids can enjoy it too.

Have a refreshing swim in the lake before diving back into the hot concerts.


Lake Park - La Liez

A fun, refreshing activity ideal for families and friends to enjoy on Lake Liez.

Lake Park is a fun course of giant inflatable obstacles floating on the water. It can be enjoyed by young and old (6+ years) and extends over 1,600 m2. The obstacle course is anchored to the lake floor and is secure.

It includes:

  • a catapult
  • a trapeze
  • a trampoline
  • paddles

And a 5m-high climbing wall.

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